Thursday, November 18, 2010


In regards to obtaining art supplies in New Jersey: Michaels can only do you so much, the local art supply store caters to middle school and high school art classes and Utrecht is an inconvenient forty minute drive away. So this passed weekend I took a journey up north to that marvelous metropolis known as New York City on a hunt for paper. I was told by a good friend that if I was searching for more harder to find types of paper I should definitely check out New York Central Art Supply. When a girl's right she's right! Seriously, their entire second floor was dedicated to every kind of paper that you could possibly dream of. Not only that but organized into which section of the world the papers originated in. Right away I was able to find the paper I needed and along the way learn about it's country of origin and how it was made. All in all good experience!

With that said, I finished that lovely lion and I'll probably upload the photos in the next couple of days.

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