Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm such a tease

Here's a post dedicated to teasers!

First off I'm currently in the beginnings of an ongoing epic collaboration with five gorgeous illustrators, Robyn Ng, KJ Martinet, Catherine Chi, Victo Ngai, and Sophia Foster-Dimino, in which we are making a jam comic! Last week it was my turn for the first time and below is a little colored piece of my first panel.

(pssst the comics in black and white. I was having a bit of fun with color.)

You can catch a glimpse of the first panel up at Robyn Ng's blogspot and hopefully in a month we'll have the site all set up for you lovely ladies and gents to enjoy.

Next in this teaser filled post, I am currently almost done with a new animal sculpture and I'm really excited about it! Unfortunately I could only rely on Michaels for so much and when my stockpile of awesome paper ran out of certain kinds I'm left at a standstill. As I wait to go on my epic adventure in search of rare papers I'll leave you with this:

(A process shot. This was taken somewhere midway into the process.)

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